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Major Warships Sunk - Hampshire HMS Hampshire survived Jutland only to be mined in severe weather off the Orkney Isles a few days later, losing all but twelve of her crew.  More famously she was carrying Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of State for War and, to the British, a colonial war hero, to Russia.  Lord Kitchener and his staff were all lost.

6 January 1916
King Edward VII
, British, King Edward VII class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Mined off Cape Wrath by a mine laid by the German auxiliary raider Moewe.  The explosion was under the starboard engine room and caused the ship to list.  Attempts to tow her by the collier Princess Melita and the destroyer Kempenfelt failed  and after about five hours the ship was abandoned although it took another four hours to sink.

26 January 1916
, British, Torpedo Boat
Collision in the North Sea.

8 February 1916
Amiral Charner
, French, Amiral Charner class Armoured Cruiser
Torpedoed by German submarine U21 off Beirut leaving only one survivor.

11 February 1916
, British, Arethusa class Light Cruiser
Mined near Felixstowe by a mine laid by the German submarine UC7.  Hit under the machinery spaces the ship eventually broke in two.

7 March 1916
, British, 30-knotter class Destroyer
Mined in the North Sea.

TB11 (Mayfly), British, Cricket class Coastal Destroyer
Mined off the English East Coast.

10 March 1916
Leitenant Pushchin (Zadorni)
, Russian, Leitenant Shestakov class Destroyer
Hit Bulgarian mine off Varna whilst scouting the harbour for an aborted attack.

18 Mar 1916
, French, Bisson class Destroyer
Torpedoed by the Austrian submarine U6 off Durazzo.  She was hit on the starboard side, broke in half and sank in a few minutes.

25 Mar 1916
, British, M class Destroyer
Collided with British destroyer Laverock off the Danish coast whilst under attack by German aircraft.  She had been screening the seaplane carrier Vindictive on a raid. 

26 March 1916
, German, G192 class Destroyer 
Rammed by the British light cruiser Cleopatra with the loss of 93 dead whilst the British ship was covering a raid of Tondern.

S22, German, V1 class Destroyer
Mined in the North Sea with the loss of 76 crew.

27 March 1916
, British, Duncan class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Hit two mines laid by the German submarine U73 off Malta.

25 April 1916
, Russian, Boiki class Destroyer
Mined off Sevastopol by German submarine UC15.

1 May 1916
, German, S90 class Torpedo Boat
Mined in the North Sea.

14 May 1916
, British, M29 class Monitor
Destroyed by Ottoman shore batteries in the Gulf of Smyrna whilst ferrying stores.  A shell knocked out her engines and caused a major fire and she had to be abandoned.

31 May 1916
, British, Indefatigable class Battle Cruiser
Queen Mary, British, Queen Mary class Battle Cruiser
Invincible, British, Invincible class Battle Cruiser
Fortune, British, Acasta class Destroyer
Nestor, British, M class Destroyer
Nomad, British, M class Destroyer
Shark, British, Acasta class Destroyer
Defence, British, Minotaur class Armoured Cruiser
V27, German, V25 class Destroyer
V29, German, V25 class Destroyer
S35, German, S31 class Destroyer
V48, German, V43 class Destroyer
Sunk at the Battle of Jutland

1 June 1916
, German, V1 class Destroyer
Ardent, British, Acasta class Destroyer
Sparrowhawk, British, Acasta class Destroyer
Tipperary, British, Faulknor class Destroyer Leader
Turbulent, British, Talisman class Destroyer
Black Prince, British, Duke of Edinburgh class Armoured Cruiser
Frauenlob, German, Gazelle class Light Cruiser
Rostock, German, Karlsruhe class Light Cruiser
Elbing, German, Pillau class Light Cruiser
Wiesbaden, German, Wiesbaden class Light Cruiser
Pommern, German, Deutschland class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Lützow, German, Derfflinger class Battle Cruiser
Warrior, British, Warrior class Armoured Cruiser
Sunk at the Battle of Jutland

5 June 1916
, British, Devonshire class Armoured Cruiser
Mined off the Orkney Isles whilst ferrying Lord Kitchener to Russia.  The mine was laid by the German submarine by U75 in a shipping lane rarely used by the British but owing to bad weather this route was used.

Fantassin, French, Chasseur class Destroyer
Collision with French destroyer Mameluk whilst hunting a submarine in the Mediterranean.

18 June 1916
, British, River class Destroyer
Collision with SS France in the English Channel.

28 June 1916
, Italain, Sirio class Torpedo Boat
Collision with Citta di Bari in the Adriatic.

10 July 1916
, Italian, Indomito class Destroyer
Torpedoed by Austian submarine U17, Otranto Straits.

26 July 1916
TB9 (Grasshopper)
, British, Cricket class Coastal Destroyer
Collision in the North Sea.

1 August 1916
, German, V25 class Destroyer
Mined in the North Sea with 13 dead.

2 August 1916
Leonardo Da Vinci
, Italian, Cavour class Dreadnought Battleship
Exploded at Taranto following Austrian sabotage.

13 August 1916
, British, Laforey class Destroyer
Mined in the North Sea.

15 August 1916
, German, S138 class Destroyer
Mined in the Baltic whilst screening a minesweeping operation.

18 August 1916
, Japanese, Chitose class Proteced Cruiser
Wrecked in Tsugaru Strait.

19 August 1916
, British, Birmingham class Light Cruiser
Falmouth, British, Weymouth class Light Cruiser
The British Grand Fleet sailed to intercept the German fleet and crossed a German submarine line.  U52 torpedoed Nottingham off Flamborough Head, scoring two hits with the initial attack and a further hit later to finisher her off.  During the same operation Falmouth was hit by two torpedoes from U66 but the damaged cruiser stayed afloat and was making it back to port when she was hit torpedoed again, this time by U52 off Flamborough Head.

21 August 1916
, Russian, Emir Bukharski class Destroyer
Mined in the Irben Straights during a mine laying operation.

30 August 1916
, Italian, Audace class Destroyer
Collision with SS Brasile in the Ionian Sea.

10 October 1916
, Italian, Nembo Destroyer
Torpedoed by German submarine U16 which was also sunk in the same action in the Southern Adriatic.

Fourche, French, Bouclier class Destroyer
Torpedoed by Austrian submarine U15 in the Adriatic after the French ship has tried to depth charge the submarine.

20 October 1916
Imperatrista Mariya
, Russian, Imperatrista Mariya class Dreadnought Battleship
Accidental internal explosion at Sevastapol.

23 October 1916
T64 (ex S64)
, German, S7 class Torpedo Boat
Mined in the Baltic whilst attempting to sweep a Russian minefield.

27 October 1916
, British, 30-knotter class Destroyer
Flirt was on patrol in when she was torpedoed by a German destroyer.

Nubian, British, Tribal class Desytoyer
Torpedoed by German destroyers in the English Channel.  Her stern was later combined with the remain of Zulu to form HMS Zubian.

28 October 1916
, Russian, Ukraina class Destroyer
Mined near Odensholm.

30 October 1916
, Ottoman, S165 class Destroyer
Beached at Varna en route to Istanbul.

3 November 1916
, French, Pique class Destroyer
Collision with British SS Teviot off Dieppe.

8 November 1916
, British, Tribal class Destroyer
Mined near Dover causing her stern to break off.  The forward section was towed to port and eventually connected to the surviving rear of Nubian to make HMS Zubian

10 November 1916
, German, V67 class Destroyer
S57, German, S49 class Destroyer
German destroyers attempt to raid Russian patrols in the Gulf of Finland but V75 strikes two mines and sinks.  S57 is then mined and has to be scuttled.

11 November 1916
, German, V67 class Destroyer
V76, German, V67 class Destroyer
S58, German, S49 class Destroyer
S59, German, S49 class Destroyer
G90, German, G85 class Destroyer
The Germans continue their raid and attack the port of Reval.  On the return trip the German destroyers try and avoid the mine field the previous day but hit another field with the loss of destroyers.

16 November 1916
T29 (ex S29)
, German, S7 class Torpedo Boat
Collision near Cuxhaven.

26 November 1916
, French, Suffren class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Torpedoed off Lisbon by the German submarine U52.  She was sailing unescorted and there were no survivors.

11 December 1916
Regine Margherita
, Italian, Regine Margherita class Pre Dreadnought-Battleship
Mined off Valona by two mined laid by German submarine UC14.

21 December 1916
, British, Parker class Destroyer Leader
Negro, British, M class Destroyer
Whilst operating with the Grand Fleet Hoste developed engine trouble and had to return to Scapa Flow with Negro as escort.  During the journey the two ships collided and two depth charges rolled off Hoste and exploded removing her stern and damaging Negro so both ships sank.

27 December 1916
, French, Charlemagne class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Torpedoed by the German submarine UB47 in the Aegean whilst en route to Corfu under the escort of a destroyer and two armed trawlers.

The British light cruiser HMS Falmouth sinking after having been torpedoed by U66 and then later by U52 whilst with the Grand Fleet which was attempting to intercept one of the High Seas Fleet rare post Jutland sorties.  The German fleet was warned of the approaching British by U53 and escaped to port.  The episode cost the British light cruisers Nottingham and Falmouth to U-Boats and the German Dreadnought Westfalen was torpedoed and damaged by a British submarine. HMS Falmouth

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