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World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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Major Warships Sunk - Magdenburg Magdeburg was possibly Germanys most important loss of the war.  She ran aground in the Baltic whilst minelaying and was then destroyed by Russian cruisers.  Importantly the German code books were captured by the Russians and then passed on to the British who put them to good use as part of their intelligence effort.

3 August 1914
, German, S138 class Destroyer
Accidental boiler explosion in the Baltic.

6 August 1914
, British, Active class Scout Cruiser
Sunk by mine from the German auxiliary mine-layer König Luise in the English Channel.  Amphion had sunk the German ship the previous day.  Mine exploded under the bridge and soon after the ship was abandoned a magazine exploded sinking the ship.  132 British sailors were killed, as were all of the German prisoners rescued from König Luise.

16 August 1914
, Austro-Hungarian, Zenta class Protected Cruiser
Sunk by the guns of the French battlefleet near Montenegro.  Zenta and the destroyer Ulan were engaged by the French battleships and whilst Ulan managed to escape Zenta succumbed to the overwhelming odds.

23 August 1914
Flamingo (TB 26)
, Austro-Hungarian, Torpedo Boat
Mined in the Adriatic.

26 August 1914
, German, Magdeburg class Light Cruiser
Ran aground near the Odensholm lighthouse (Baltic).  After a failed attempt to re-float her the Russian cruisers Bogatyr and Pallada arrive and destroy the German cruiser with gunfire.  The ships Commander and 56 crew are captured as are code books.

28 August 1914
, German, V180 class Destroyer
Ariadne, German, Gazelle class Light Cruiser
Mainz, German, Kolberg class Light Cruiser
Cöln, German, Kolberg class Light Cruiser
British Harwich Force supported by Battlecruisers raid German patrols off Heligoland.  Results in the Battle of Heligoland Bight.

3 September 1914
, Japanese, Asakaze class Destroyer
Wrecked during battle with the German gunboat Jaguar in Kiao-Chau Bay.

5 September 1914
, British, Pathfinder Class Scout Cruiser
Torpedoed by German submarine U21 near St Abbs Head.  Hit by a single torpedo that hit the forward magazine causing it to explode, Pathfinder sinking in 4 minutes.  She was the first British warship sunk by a submarine in World War 1.

13 September 1914
, German, Hela class Light Cruiser
Torpedoed by the British submarine E9 off Heligoland killing 2 crew.

20 September 1914
, British, Pelorus class Third Class Cruiser
Sunk by the German cruiser Königsberg, Zanzibar.

22 September 1914
, British, Cressy class Armoured Cruiser
Cressy, British, Cressy class Armoured Cruiser
Hogue, British, Cressy class Armoured Cruiser
Torpedoed by the German submarine U9, North Sea 

28 September 1914
, German, Bussard class Light Cruiser
Taku, German, Taku class Torpedo Boat
Scuttled at Tsingtao.

T50 (ex S50), German, S7 class Torpedo Boat
Wrecked in a storm in the Baltic.

6 October 1914
, German, S13 class Destroyer
Internal explosion, North Sea.

T116 (ex S116), German, S90 class Torpedo Boat
Torpedoed by the British submarine E9 in the North Sea killing 11 crew.

11 October 1914
, Russian, Bayan class Armoured Cruiser
Torpedoed by the German submarine U26 whilst patrolling in the Gulf of Finland.  Single torpedo hit amidships and the ship exploded and sank with no survivors.

15 October 1914
, British, Edgar class First Class Protected Cruiser
Torpedoed by German submarine U9 off Aberdeen in the North Sea.  The torpedo hit amidships and Hawke capsized within 10 minutes.  The destroyer Swift and the steamer Modesta picked up 71 survivors but about 500 crew were lost.

17 October  1914
, Japanese, Naniwa class Protected Cruiser
Torpedoed by the German Torpedo Boat S90, Tsingato.

S90, German, S90 class Torpedo Boat
Scuttled at Tsingato after running aground.

S115, German, Torpedo Boat
S117, German, Torpedo Boat
S118, German, Torpedo Boat
S119, German, Torpedo Boat
The four torpedo boats were making a mine laying raid on the mouth of the River Thames when they were intercepted by the British cruiser Undaunted and the destroyers Lance, Lennox, Legion and Loyal in the North Sea.  The British force overwhelmed the German torpedo boats in about 1.5 hours of firing and only 36 crew were saved.

27 October 1914
, British, King George V class Dreadnought Battleship 
HMS Audacious was mined, Loch Swilly.

28 October 1914
, Russian, Zhenchug class Protected Cruiser
Mousquet, French, Arquebuse class Destroyer
Sunk by German cruiser SMS Emden, Penang

31 October 1914
, British, Highflyer class Second Class Cruiser converted to Seaplane Carrier.
Torpedoed by German submarine U27 whilst acting as an aircraft transport between Dover and France. First torpedo struck from a range of c.300 yards and as the cruiser was sinking by the stern a second torpedo hit her and she then sank quickly.

1 November 1914
Good Hope
, British, Drake class Armoured Cruiser
Monmouth, British, Monmouth class Armoured Cruiser
Sunk by German cruisers at the Battle of Coronel

2 November 1914
Kaiserin Elisabeth
, Austro-Hungarian, Kaiser Franz Joseph I class Protected Cruiser
Her guns were removed to provide a shore battery and then she was scuttled at Tsingtao.

4 November 1914
, German, Roon class Armoured Cruiser
Accidentally ran into two German mines in the Jade estuary with 336 killed.

Karlsruhe, German, Karlsruhe class Light Cruiser
SMS Karlsruhe was sunk by an accidental explosion, Caribbean.

6 November 1914
T25 (ex S25)
, German, S7 class Torpedo Boat
Collision with T72 in the North Sea.

9 November 1914
, German, Dresden class Light Cruiser
SMS Emden was sunk Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney, Cocos Isles.

17 November 1914
Fredrich Carl
, German, Prinz Adalbert class Armoured Cruiser
Hits two mines in the Baltic.  The ship takes c.5 hours to sink and all except 8 members of the crew are rescued.

26 November 1914
, British, London class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Exploded whilst lying at anchor at Sheerness with only 12 survivors.  During that day she had been taking on board ammunition and it was thought that the shells had been stacked too close together and too close to a boiler room which caused some of them to ignite and cause a magazine explosion.

30 November 1914
, German, S90 class Torpedo Boat
Collision with the Danish merchant ship SS Anglodane in the Baltic killing 1 crew member.

8 December 1914
, German, Scharnhorst class Armoured Cruiser
Gneisenau, German, Scharnhorst class Armoured Cruiser
Leipzig, German, Bremen class Light Cruiser
Nürnberg, German, Königsberg class Light Cruiser
Sunk by British squadron at the Battle of the Falkland Islands

12 December 1914
, Russian, Lovki class Destroyer
Letuchi, Russian, Lovki class Destroyer
Sunk in bad weather after mines accidently exploded on board, Gotland

13 December 1914
, Ottoman, Mesudiye class Central Battery Battleship
Torpedoed by British submarine B11 in the Sea of Marmara.  The old battleship was partially disarmed and being used as a guard ship at the time of her loss being hit by a single torpedo in the stern from a range of c.750 yards.

27 December 1914
, British, '30-knotter' class Destroyer
Ran aground off Fifeness and was wrecked in bad weather.

HMS Amphion was sunk by a mine laid by the German auxiliary mine-layer Königin Luise.  The German ship had been spotted by Amphion and her attendant destroyers and sunk but on their return to Harwich Amphion struck one of the mines causing her to sink as well as killing the German seamen on board who had been rescued from the the German minelayer. HMS Amphion

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