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World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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HMS Bulwark Bulwark Class. The main visual differences from the nearly identical previous Formidable class were the squarer 12 inch gun turrets and not having any scuttles at lower deck level forward.  The class were built in response to the expected building of new battleships by Russia.

HMS Bulwark
Built Devonport Dockyard, laid down March 1899, completed March 1902, cost 1,056,816.

HMS London
Built Portsmouth Dockyard, laid down December 1898, completed June 1902, cost 1,103,453.

HMS Venerable
Built Chatham Dockyard, laid down January 1899, completed November 1902, cost 1,159,853.

Length 411 feet waterline 431 feet 9 inches overall, beam 75 feet, draught 27 feet 5 inches, displacement 15,366 load 15,955 tons deep.

2 shaft Triple Expansion, 15,000 ihp, 18kts

Bulwark 15,355 ihp = 18.09 knots
London 15,293 ihp = 18.13 knots
Venerable 15,355 ihp = 18.4 knots

9in belt, 12in barbettes, 10in gun houses, 2.5-1in decks

4 x 12in 40 cal BL (2 x 2), 12 x 6in QF (12 x 1), 16 x 12pounder QF (16 x 1), 6 x 3pounder (6 x 1), 4 x 18in TT

Virtual repeats of the Formidable class with slightly modified armour layout.  Crew 760.

World War 1 Service:

5th Battle Squadron Channel Fleet.
26 November 1914 sunk by accidental explosion at Sheerness.

5th Battle Squadron Channel Fleet.
March 1915 sent to the Dardanelles.
25 April 1915 supported landings.
22 May 2nd Detached Squadron Adriatic.
October 1915 refit at Gibraltar.
October 1916 paid off to release crew.
February-April 1918 converted to minelayer.
18 May 1918 1st Minelaying Squadron Grand Fleet.
Took part in the laying of the Northern Barrage.
1920 sold for scrap.

5th Battle Squadron Channel Fleet.
Attached to Dover Patrol as flag ship and for bombardment duties.
May-October 1915 Dardanelles.
October-December 1915 refit at Gibraltar.
December 1915-December 1916 Adriatic.
February-March 1918 refitted as depot ship.
Depot ship for minelaying trawlers.
1920 sold for scrapping.

HMS London as a minelayer.  As part of the conversion the rear main turret was removed as were the guns from the forward turret and the secondary guns were reduced to 3 6 inch guns.  Mine rails for 240 mines were added and London laid over 2,600 mines as part of the Northern Barrage. hms london

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