Pathfinder Class Scout Cruisers

World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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hms pathfinder Pathfinder Class.  This pair had only a partial armoured deck with side armour covering the engine rooms rather than the more usual full length protective deck.  Pathfinder was originally to have been named Fastnet but the name was changed before construction was started.

HMS Pathfinder
Built Cammell Laird, laid down August 1903, completed July 1905.

HMS Patrol
Built Cammell Laird, laid down October 1903, completed September 1905.

Average cost 279,000.

Length 370 feet pp 379 feet overall, beam 38 feet 6 inches, draught 13 feet, displacement 2,900 tons load.

2 shaft TE engines, 16,500 ihp, 25 knots

Pathfinder 14,330 ihp = 25.22 knots

2in belt,1.5-0.5in decks

10 x 12 pounder QF (10 x 1), 8 x 3 pounder QF (8 x 1), 2 x 18in TT

One of four pairs of Scouts ordered to a general specification with the exact design left up to the individual builders.  Not long after completion the two additional 12 pounder guns were added and the 3 pounder guns were replaced with 6 x 6 pounders.  In 1911-12 they were reamed with 9 x 4 inch guns.  Crew 268.

World War 1 Service:

8th Destroyer Flotilla Nore.
5 September 1914 Sunk by German submarine U 21.

9th Destroyer Flotilla Nore/Forth/Tyne.
1915 7th Destroyer Flotilla Humber.
1918 Irish Sea.
1918 9th Destroyer Flotilla Nore.
1920 sold for scrap.

HMS Pathfinder.  The only one of the four similar Scout classes to be sunk which was mainly owing to the types poor endurance.  She was so short of coal whilst on patrol that she could only manage a speed of 5 knots making her an easy target for the German submarine U 21 and giving her the distinction of being the first warship sunk by submarine attack. hms pathfinder

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