Furious Class Large Light Cruiser

World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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furious-line.gif (61925 bytes) Furious Class after the replacement of both 18 inch guns with flying decks.  Originally to have been armed with two single 18inch guns instead of the the twin 12inch guns of the Courageous class.  The 18 inch gun turret was designed to be the same size as a twin 15 inch mount so that it could be replaced if the 18 inch gun was a failure.

HMS Furious
Built Armstrong, laid down June 1915, completed July 1917.

Length 735 feet 2.25 inches pp 786 feet 9 inches overall, beam 88 feet, draught 23 feet 6 inches, displacement 19,513 tons load 22,890 tons deep load..

4 shaft Brown-Curtis turbines, 90,000 shp, 31.5kts

3-2in belt, 7in barbettes, 9in turret faces, 3-0.5in decks

1 x 18in 40cal Mk1 (2 x 1), 11 x 5.5in 50cal Mk I (11 x 1), 2 x 3in (2 x 1), 4 x 3pounder, 2 x 21in TT

Half sister of the curious class with 18inch guns replacing the 15 inch guns and the secondary armament changed to 5.5 inch guns.  Crew 737.

World War 1 Service:

July 1917 Joined the Grand Fleet.
Late1917-1918 Further conversion work.
1922 Conversion to full aircraft carrier.
1948 Sold for scrap.

HMS Furious as completed with a single 18inch gun aft and a flying deck forward.  After a few months the aft gun was replaced with another flying off deck but still retained the superstructure between the decks.  In the 1920s the ships was further converted to have a full length flight deck hms furious

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