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World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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hms active Active Class.  Generally similar follow on to the Blonde class scouts.  The main visible difference was the 'plough' bow shape.  They retained the limited protection with plating only covering the machinery spaces.

HMS Active
Built Pembroke Dockyard, laid down July 1910, completed December 1911.

HMS Amphion
Built Pembroke Dockyard, laid down March 1911, completed March 1913.

HMS Fearless
Built Pembroke Dockyard, laid down November 1911, completed October 1913.

Length 385 feet pp 406 feet overall, beam 41 feet 6 inches, draught 15 feet 7 inches, displacement 3,440 tons normal 4,000 tons deep ,load..

4 shaft Parsons turbines, 18,000 shp, 25kts

Cressy 21,200 ihp = 20.79 knots
Aboukir 21,352 ihp = 21.6 knots
Bacchante 21,520 ihp = 21.75 knots

1in decks

10 x 4in 50cal Mk VIII (10 x 1), 4 x 3 pounder (4 x 1), 2 x 18in TT

The last class of British scout cruisers.  Crew 321.

World War 1 Service:

Leader 2nd Destroyer Flotilla with the Harwich Force.
1915 Grand Fleet.
31 May-1 June 1916 Took part in the Battle of Jutland.
1916 Leader 4th Destroyer Flotilla at Portsmouth.
1917 Queenstown.
1917 Mediterranean.
1920 Sold for Scrap.

Leader 3rd Destroyer Flotilla with the Harwich Force.
6th August 1914 Sunk by mine.

Leader 1st Destroyer Flotilla with the Harwich Force.
1916 Leader 12th submarine flotilla Grand Fleet.
31 January 1918 Accidentally rammed and sank submarine K 17.
1921 Sold for scrapping.

HMS Fearless post war.  Modifications included the removal of two 4 inch guns and the addition of a 3 inch anti-aircraft guns as well as additional search lights.  All three of the class started the war with the Harwich Force.  Fearless later became leader of a squadron of the notoriously accident prone K class steam submarines, accidentally ramming and sinking K 17 in January 1918. hms fearless

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