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World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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Bellerophon Bellerophon and her sisters were virtual repeats of the original dreadnought design. Their secondary armament was increased from 12pdr to 4in guns and the armour was better distributed, although at the cost of a slight reduction in the thickness of the main belt. They were the first British Battleships to have a torpedo bulkhead.


Dreadnought Class
HMS Dreadnought Laid down 1905. Completed 1906.

Bellerophon Class
HMS Bellerophon, Superb, Temeraire Laid down 1906-1907. Completed 1909.

St. Vincent Class
HMS St. Vincent, Vanguard, Collingwood Laid down 1907-1908. Completed 1909-1910.

Neptune Class
HMS Neptune Laid down 1909. Completed 1911.

Colossus Class
HMS Colossus, Hercules Laid down 1909. Completed 1911.

Orion Class
HMS Orion, Monarch, Conqueror, Thunderer Laid down 1909-1910. Completed 1912.

King George V Class
HMS King George V, Ajax, Centurion, Audacious Laid down 1911. Completed 1912-1913.

Iron Duke Class
HMS Iron Duke, Marlborough, Benbow, Emperor of India Laid down 1912. Completed 1914.

Erin Class
HMS Erin Laid down 1911.  Completed 1914

Agincourt Class
HMS Agincourt Laid down 1911. Completed 1914

Queen Elizabeth Class
HMS Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Barham, Valiant, Malaya Laid down 1912-1913. Completed 1915-1916.

HMS Canada Laid down 1911. Completed 1915.

Royal Sovereign Class
HMS Royal Sovereign, Revenge, Royal Oak, Resolution, Ramillies Laid down 1913-1914. Completed 1916-1917.

SMS Markgraf and the other König class Battleships, headed the German line and all received considerable punishment as a result. Markgraf was hit by 3 x 15in, 1 x 13.5in and 1 x 12in shells. Damage included destruction of the wireless room and bending the port propeller shaft. Fortunately the König class were a strong well armoured design and all survived the battle. Markgraf


Nassau Class
SMS Nassau, Posen, Rheinland, Westfalen Laid down 1907. Completed 1910.

Helgoland Class
SMS Helgoland, Ostfriesland, Thüringen, Oldenburg Laid down 1908-1909. Completed 1911- 1912.

Kaiser Class
SMS Kaiser, Fredrich der Grosse, Kaiserin, König Albert, Prinzregent Luitpold Laid down 1909-1911. Completed 1912-1913.

König Class
SMS König, Grosser Kurfust, Markgraf, Kronprinz Wilhelm Laid down 1911-1912. Completed 1914.

Bayern Class
SMS Bayern, Baden Laid down 1913-1914. Completed 1916-1917.

Fredrich der Grosse Fredrich der Grosse was part of the Kaiser class. They had one less turret than previous German Dreadnoughts but had superior arcs in the remaining guns. They also had considerably thicker side armour and were on the whole a great improvement.

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